Congratulations on your pregnancy…. what an exciting year you will have!

Birthbalance Connect adhere to all Covid – 19 New Zealand Ministry of Health recommendations.

Any new parent knows how confusing it can be when it comes to taking advice on making the best choices for you and your baby. At Birthbalance Connect we walk you through those important steps.  We introduce topics based around fact, so that you can then weigh up your options and make positive informed decisions with confidence!

Childbirth is the most empowering, rewarding and exciting experience in a woman’s life .  At Birthbalance Connect we want you to be an active participant in the decisions made concerning your labour and  your birth.  We believe that by empowering you and your support person with knowledge, you will feel more relaxed and secure within your birthing environment.  Your baby deserves a  gentle and calm birth.

In Auckland we have so many cultures, with so many traditional birthing and parenting practices. Birthbalance Connect appreciates your cultural traditions while keeping you up to date with the safest and healthiest options for you, your birth and your baby.

Birthbalance antenatal classes are fun and interactive. No boring lectures allowed! Partners and support people have just as much involvement and fun as the ‘mums to be’, and we often have comments from partners that they too feel more involved and more empowered to offer support.  (We teach them massage too!)

The ideal time to attend a childbirth and parenting course is when you are 26 – 32 weeks pregnant. Therefore you will need to book your Birthbalance Connect course in as early in your pregnancy as you can.  Participant numbers are limited and courses fill very quickly.