Pregnancy and parenting education is such a important part of the parenting journey! And finding a course that complements you and your parenting philosophy is vital. When you decide that the time is right to introduce a new little human into your world, you have usually considered how this new little one will fit in to your current dyad (work and play). You think of the romance of a little baby, and all the love you have to share. You ask family and friends about their experiences as they entered the family arena, and you often take on board their opinions and advice.

Pregnancy education helps you to form your own opinions based around your own ideas and beliefs. Gathering information and making informed decisions is all part of your new and exciting journey. We ask you to take a look at your own childhood, and question whether you want to continue these traditions and examples of role modeling. Pregnancy education also updates you on generational changes in parenting based on current research. We help you to navigate conflicting opinions (welcome to the world of parenting!) from family, friends, marketing retailers, and even professionals!

So, just as you would look for a suitable Lead Maternity Carer (In fact we even discuss how they should be supporting you), and then you sort your nursery furniture and what baby needs (don’t buy anything until you have done your pregnancy education – we will save you thousands by telling you what is really important) -Finding unbiased, informative pregnancy education that nurtures your beliefs is often the most important part of your pregnancy care.