Birth Support Doula’s

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You have likely come to this page because you are considering the importance of a Birth Support Doula?

Michele Neild and Moira O’Connor are your Birthbalance Connect – Birth and Postpartum Doulas. Working as a close-knit team enables us to offer you support 24/7. You will get to meet and form a trusting relationship with both of us during your pregnancy. (Please see our profiles on the home page to get to know us a little better).

Your amazing body already knows how to birth your baby…

Your Birthbalance Connect support Doula will be there to guide and support the important choices that you and your birthing partner make. During your pregnancy, we hope to form a trusting and caring relationship with you to help facilitate your safe, relaxed and loving birth. Your Doula will comfort you emotionally and physically during your labour. We will also help to support and guide your birthing companion so that they can meet your emotional needs.

Having a supportive Doula has proven to reduce discomfort levels in labour, reduce the need for medical pain management and medical interventions, as well as reducing the length of each phase of labour. Caring support from your Birthbalance Doula will enable you and your birth companion to relax and spend quiet time together during labour while empowering you both to have a positive birth experience. It is so important to have a supportive and trusting relationship with your doula, and at Birthbalance we take the time to get to know you and your birthing preferences.

We have a number of packages that we can build to suit your needs. Our ‘Birth Basics Package’ includes two pregnancy visits (a meet and greet and one prior to birth to help you to write your birth plan). We will join you in labour at a time when you feel you would like our support. We will ensure your birthing environment is safe and respected and we will support you and your birthing companion during birth, and in the first few hours after your baby is born. We then offer one postpartum visit at your home within the first couple of weeks after baby is born. To this we can add pregnancy and postpartum massages, and we can chat about helping you in the postpartum period as your Postpartum Doula as you transition to parenting.

To find out more about the positive support of a Birthbalance Doula, please email and see our feedback.

Post-Partum Doula Support and virtual Postpartum support

Our Postnatal and Birth Doulas are fully vaccinated against covid.

The early days and weeks of parenting can be very overwhelming. Whether this is your first or fifth baby, your Birthbalance Postpartum Doula will be there to support you and your family once baby is born. A Birthbalance Postpartum Doula support package can include in-home visits, phone, text and email support. We will help you to understand the needs of your newborn, so that you have a gentle and positive transition to parenthood. We will be there to help with with emotional support, breastfeeding support, and to help understand the sleeping patterns of a newborn. We will also listen to your birth story, and finally we will do a quick vacuum, clean your bathrooms and cook you some delicious meals before we leave.

Our Postpartum packages can be tailored to suit your individual needs – be it daily visits, a few times a week – for one week or six weeks, or a birth and postpartum package to meet your changing needs. If you have experienced our birth support, you will know and love how we can easily transition into your home once baby is born.

Virtual Postpartum support – Sometimes it is just good to know that you have someone on the other end of the phone or computer that you can talk to in order to give you confidence in the early months. Our virtual support package gives you unlimited calls per month for $200.00 (Limitations apply after hours and weekends). Email Michele to enquire further.

Our Birthbalance Connect Doulas would love to support you and your family. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Please enquire – prices on application

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