Birth and postpartum support/Doula

Have you ever considered the benefits of a Doula?

Your amazing body already knows how to birth your baby… A birth support Doulas role is to guide you and empower you to trust your body by creating a safe, relaxed and caring environment without interruptions. Your Doula will comfort you with emotional and physical support and encourage and support you and your birth companion to make positive informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey.

Having a supportive Doula has proven to reduce pain levels, reduce the need for medical pain relief medication, as well as reducing the length of each phase of labour. Caring support from your Doula will enable you and your partner to relax and spend quiet time together during labour while empowering you to have the birth that YOU want.

A Postpartum Doula will support you after baby is born. The service includes phone, text or email support, in-home visits to help with settling in, breastfeeding support, listening to your birth journey and maybe some light duties around the house.

To find out more about the positive support of a Doula, please phone (021353313) or email and see our feedback.

Birth & Post-Partum Doula Support

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