My husband and I were in your class today. We found it really useful and informative – thank you for a great class! We had not considered a doula previously, but after looking further into it this evening we wondered whether you have availability in February. We have had a long road to get us to this point of our pregnancy, and I would like to try a natural birth. We really think it would be beneficial to have birth support person that was separate to the medical team.

Name withheld for privacy

We welcomed our beautiful son into the world on a recent Saturday morning at 00:16. We had the most incredible natural labour and delivered him standing. So many things you said resonated so strongly with us. You painted a picture of what delivery could be like that we hadn’t previously imagined. Working through the waves of contractions one after the other and even sometimes thinking back to how you imitated it all so perfectly in class.

We just want to extend our warmest thank you your way. You are absolutely excellent at what you do. You have made an impact.

Ulrike & Mike, May 2020

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the classes that we did in the past two weekends. Brad and I feel so much more confident going into parenthood after attending your classes and your attitude and teaching style was just awesome! It is so great that you made these available in the weekends and you just made it so fun with your wit and humour!

So again thank you very, very much for everything!!


I just wanted to say thank you for the great course yesterday. As a first time mum you answered a lot of my questions and concerns and I feel a lot more informed about issues. Sorry we had to run off early but both mum and I found it really informative and a positive experience.

I can definitely recommend your service. Thanks for a great day 🙂


We learned a lot today. You are the best, thank you for all the knowledge.

Aida and Patrick

I strongly credit my birth experience to your classes Michelle. 6hrs for a first birth and 15mins of pushing. I felt in control and an active part of the process thanks to your classes. We cant control the event but the less stressed and more understanding we have of the process the better the outcome for mum and baby.

Renee, May 2020

Hey Michele,
Some feedback for you….
Don’t change a thing!!! We are so very grateful about this experience. We have also met some great people. 
Your approach to teaching is perfect, giving the evidence but not opinion – allowing us all to get to the best result by ourselves… guiding us.
I’m so excited about giving birth now! I visited my LMC today and told Lorna how fantastic the course was, how ready/mentally equipped I feel and how brilliantly facilitated the large group was. 
Being here away from family (in some ways a good thing!), you gave me a real sense of – everything’s ok.
Certainly hope to see you again and we both thank you so much.

Penny & Tim, Oct 2020

My house has been ‘Michele’d!

Shona – Postpartum doula support, Sept 2020