Birthbalance Safe Sleep Bedding

Tropical print – 100% Organic cotton jersey knit


A cute little addition to your nursery, Birthbalance bedding is designed specifically to keep your baby snug and warm without restricting your baby’s natural protective reflexes and movement.  Our bedding has been made in accordance with the New Zealand Safe Sleep Standards which advise against restrictive wrapping or swaddling.  Our 100% Cotton blankets (Jersey knit or Flannelette) are breathable fabrics that won’t overheat your little one.  The wide-width sheets and blankets are designed to wrap around from under the mattress and tuck in firmly to help your baby feel safe and secure while preventing loose bedding and suffocation risks.


Birthbalance Safe Sleep Bedding:  Cosy wrap blanket – 100% organic cotton

Size: Bassinet.  (Sizes may vary depending on fabric manufacturers cloth width).  Bassinet size will fit most small beds (Moses baskets, co-sleepers).

Colour:  Cream background with pineapple print

Washing instructions:   100% cotton fabrics are machine washable (cool or warm wash cycle).  Line dry.

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