The condensed course covers a large majority of the topics that the 12 hour course covers but some of the topics are in a condensed format.  Labour, birth, breastfeeding and safe sleeping are all covered in depth in both courses. This course will empower you for your labour, birth and parenting journey.

We advise commencing a course at around 26 – 28 weeks pregnant. If dates for a suitable course are not loaded on this page, please scroll down to ‘find a date’, which will give you more dates going forward.

7 Hour Condensed Course

If you have a busy lifestyle, or need an update since your last pregnancy then join our 7 hour condensed course.  This empowering course will cover most of the comprehensive course information but in a shorter format.  Topics such as Labour, Birth, Breastfeeding and Safe Sleeping are all covered in the full format during this course. This course will leave first time parents feeling absolutely confident on their journey to parenthood.


  • Knowing and understanding your rights
  • Pregnancy discomforts and warning signs
  • Pelvic awareness and pregnancy terminology – full format
  • Stages of labour and skin to skin contact – full format
  • Support during labour and birth – Natural birth
  • Pain management, interventions, and caesarean sections
  • The first 72 hours with baby – full format
  • Breastfeeding – how to and support – full format
  • Safe sleeping for your baby – full format
  • The first six weeks – Getting to know your baby
  • Support in the community in the antenatal and postnatal period
  • Breathing and massage for labour and birth.

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