Prepare the room

  • Warm the room if the air temperature is cold.
  • Get everything ready – towel, products, nappy, wipes and clothes.
  • Fill the baby bath with water that is body temperature (37 degrees celsius).  Have it deep enough that it will cover baby’s shoulders.
  • Place the bath on a firm surface.

Cleaning baby’s face and hair

  • Undress baby except for the nappy. 
  • Wrap baby in a towel with baby’s head exposed.
  • Hold baby in the rugby hold (head cradled in your hand, body supported by your forearm and legs tucked under your armpit.
  • Lean baby over the bath and using a dampened soft cloth wipe around one eye.  Change area of cloth before wiping baby’s other eye.  Wipe baby’s face including around ears and under chin. Do not use cotton buds in baby’s ears.
  • Thoroughly wet the cloth and use it to wipe over baby’s hair.  If using shampoo you can now put a little on and while keeping baby tilted (down) to avoid water running into baby’s eyes, gently work in the shampoo and then use the wet cloth to remove the shampoo.
  • You can now put baby down on the change table, dry baby’s hair.

Bathing baby

  •  Take baby’s nappy off.  If baby has done a poo, clean baby’s bottom with wipes before putting baby into the bath.
  • To hold baby in the bath place your arm around baby’s shoulders and hold on to baby’s arm.  You now have baby firmly in your grip and baby won’t be able to slip.  Using your other hand lift baby’s feet up and place baby in the water. 
  • The water will do most of the work for you.  Just swish it around.  If needed use a cloth to wipe between creases.  (N.B.  Do not retract the foreskin on a little boy as it will not retract until he is around 3 – 4 yrs old). If using products put them in the water while filling the bath.
  • If needed you can turn baby over by placing your free hand across baby’s chest and tilting baby onto it.  You can now use the cloth in your newly freed hand to wipe baby’s back and bottom.
  • When finished take baby out of the bath and place baby on the towel.  Keep baby warm with part of the towel while using the rest of the towel to dry baby taking care to dry in all of the creases.  You can turn baby onto its tummy to dry their back.
  • You do not need to use products on baby such as moisturizes but if you choose to, try to use natural products.  Talcum powder is not recommended for using on babies as they may inhale the dust.

Just remember that if you don’t have a baby bath you can use a sink, basin, large bath or just use a cloth to wipe baby. 

If you bath with baby (they love it) ensure you have a support person to take baby once you are ready to get out of the bath in order to avoid slips.

If you have any questions please contact Moira or Michele     Phone 021353313