Help is on the way with our extensive new Parenting Manual. We have 130 pages of information and advice starting with pregnancy and preparing for your labour and birth (The importance of the birthing environment, breathing and relaxation, preparing your body for labour and birth). We include both natural physiological birthing, and all forms of medicalised birthing, including induction and assisted birthing. Our postpartum section will support you through ‘the fourth trimester’, breastfeeding, what to expect with your newborn, the culture and history of infant sleep, visitors, support for the partner, some yummy recipies and so much more. You will discover answers to questions you have been pondering, new information that you never thought you needed to know, general tips and advice to get you through your day, and links on where to find help within your local community. The Birthbalance Connect Parenting Manual is a guide that has been carefully put together to help you gently transition into your new parenting role. It is also perfect as a gift for that special new parent.

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  • Birthbalance Connect Pregnancy & Postnatal Parenting Manual

    Congratulations! We hear there is a new baby on the way.

    Inside this 130 page manual, you will find tips and resources to begin your pregnancy and parenting journey, including a parents workshop.  From preparing for labour and birth, to understanding the hormones of labour, the evolution of why babies feed and sleep as they do – to how to bath your baby, how to cope with a crying baby, safe sleeping tips and advice, and support in your community….   You will find it all in your Parenting Manual.