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Postpartum course


Transitioning to parenting – Everything you need for your postpartum journey

Includes feeding, safe sleeping, getting to know your baby and so much more.


(for Modules 1-5, please see our ‘Preparing for baby’ Pregnancy Course – or our Full Course)

Module 6 – Meeting your new baby – The first few days

Module 7 – Breast/Chest feeding & Problem Solving

Module 8 – Sleeping expectations of your newborn

Module 9 – The post partum parent – Emotions, self care, support & postpartum depression

Module 10 – Transitioning into parenthood – The first 8 weeks

Module 11 – Setting up the nursery & bathing your baby

Module 12 –Supporting your babies nervous system and Keeping your baby safe in a car seat

Module 13 – Closing words and important links.